Optimized ARINC 791 compliant radome solutions for your fuselage mounted antenna needs!

Fuselage mounted SATCOM antennas require a radome tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the installation for optimum performance. AeroSat's AeroShield radome system provides this. AeroShield is ARINC 791 compliant plus provides low drag and bird strike hardness.

The AeroShield radome system provides the following benefits to the aircraft operator:

  • Highly optimized aerodynamic shape reduces drag and increases fuel savings.
  • Bird Strike compliance with FAA Issue Papers for Large Radome Installations reduces certification time and cost.
  • ARINC 791 compliant installation eliminates costly over-engineered installations.
  • Simplifies maintenance inspections and reduces life cycle costs.
  • Advanced adapter plate design optimization minimizes system weight.
  • Creates a simplified & standardized installation.
  • Provides future-proofing of SATCOM installations, allowing future SATCOM upgrades when available.
  • Provides for commonality & interchangeability across entire fleets.
  • Provides for easy de-modification during end-of-lease restoration.
  • The key features of the AeroShield system include:

  • RF performance is optimized for Ku band only, providing maximum RF transmissivity.
  • Applicable to Ku band broadband data and DBS-TV SATCOM systems.
  • Aerodynamic radome and adapter plate follows the curvature of the aircraft skin without requiring a large installation doubler, sealants, or fasteners through the aircraft skin.
  • Installation fittings attach to variable aircraft frame spacings for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Extra safety design features include bird strike hardness. Radome is compliant with revised FAA guidance on Radome bird strike testing.
  • DER approved loads report is available to support STC.
  • Radome kit is retrofittable to replace current higher drag radomes in use today.
  • The AeroShield system is composed of two aircraft components:

    1. Fuselage Adapter Plate plus fittings.
    2. Radome.

    AeroShield complies with the following certification requirements:

  • Complies with applicable FAA FAR Part 25/26 regulations.
  • Complies with 14 CFR paragraph 25.571(e)(1) bird-strike testing requirements.
  • Complies with lightning strike and grounding guidelines stated in SAE ARP5412, SAE ARP5414, SAE ARP5416, and SAE ARP1870.
  • Designed-in robustness for aircraft environmental stresses such as shock, vibration, and g loads.
  • AeroShield is applicable to the following types of aircraft platforms:

  • Airbus ACJ, A319, 320, 321
  • Airbus A330, 340, 350, 380
  • Boeing BBJ, 737
  • Boeing 747, 767, 777, 787
  • Embraer E-195/190/175/170
  • Bombardier C-Series
  • Irkut MC-21
  • Sukhoi Superjet
  • Mitsubishi MRJ
  • COMAC C-919
  • other similar platforms

  • Click below to download the latest AeroShield system data sheet for more information:

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